“To those of you who aren’t aware of the discrimination at San Jose State. I got the feeling when I walked on campus, on 7th Street… Twenty percent of the San Jose City community is made up of Mexican American people and yet only 2% of the 23,000 students here on campus are Mexican American.”
                     – Al Espinoza, 1967 Student Initiative representative and former EOP Director


Psychology Professor Bruce Ogilvie (L) interviews Al Espinoza, 1967 Mexican American Student Confederation representative (R), on the issues facing minority students on campus.


A Day of Concern is a film made in 1967 by San Jose State faculty to shed light on the issues that minority students on campus faced. The film depicted interviews with 15 students, which included 11 Black students and 4 Chicano students. Student Initiative, a Chicano student group, wrote a letter to Ombudsman J. Benton White voicing their dismay that the number of Chicano students interviewed  did not reflect the proportion of Chicano students at San Jose State.